Noah’s Story

“ All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again, but the neurosurgeons at Arkansas Children’s Hospital could, and did.”

To see Noah today gliding on the water or airborne, upside down or right-side up, one would never suspect what happened to him a few years back. On Tuesday September 15, 2009 normal changed for Noah and his family. One minute he was at soccer practice and the next minute he was staring up at bright lights shining in his face, nurses coming from all sides, IVs in both arms, clothes being cut away, CT scan being administered, mom and dad at his side, soccer friends and coaches coming in and then going out. Nothing made any sense.

What had happened? Just before 7 pm at soccer practice, the team was conducting a ball headering drill. When they were not doing it correctly, the coach decided to demonstrate correct technique. The coach booted the ball in the air and ran after the ball. Noah, who was next in line, also took after the ball. They collided and Noah was knocked unconscious to the ground. Instead of headering the ball, the coach headed Noah fracturing his skull above his right ear.

The local hospital stabilized Noah and prepared him for a 2 hour ambulance ride to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas for further observation. Unfortunately, on that night the weather conditions did not permit helicopters to fly. Upon arrival at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, a further CT scan showed that a large pool of blood had formed due to a ruptured artery between the skull and brain lining and that the brain was shifting off center-axis, that the situation was life threatening and the need for emergency surgery was critical. Four pediatric neurosurgeons performed the operation, successfully cauterizing the artery and restructuring the fractured skull by reconnecting bone fragments with titanium plates and screws. Noah made an amazing recovery and following a year on injured reserve, he was released back to doing all his activities. What he has since accomplished both academically and in sport is a testament to the caliber and quality of Arkansas Children's Hospital and its medical team. Since his accident, Noah has represented the Arkansas Children’s Hospital as a goodwill Ambassador sharing his story in the community by giving hope to other families and by inspiring donors and volunteerism.

The Louvre

High School Soccer

English Channel Crewing September 2015


Wakeboarding on Beaver Lake

Crewing Capri-Naples Marathon July 2016

Pompei 2016 

Noah with ER Attending Neuro Specialist Noah with Head Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Day 5 Post-Operation

No.7 - For Life                 


Brothers Crewing English Channel Swim - September 2015


Crewing English Channel Swim - September 26, 2013 

 Brothers On White Cliffs of Dover Overlooking The Engish Channel - September 2015